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Guestbook Entry for Pragati Kumar, United States

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Pragati Kumar
United States

I would rate my experience with this office as above average. Without a doubt, Rajeev has an excellent command over immigration law and is a very approachable person. He answers all queries very precisely and within 24 hours. He gives an exact analysis of the available options. My case was handled by Diane. Again, an extremely efficient person. She would answer my questions right away and many times on weekends. Room for improvement: Clients should be able to get within 24h phone appointments with Rajeev. Once I called law office on a Friday afternoon to speak with Rajeev, and the operator offered me next wednesday afternoon as the nearest possible appointment. However, this happened only once and all of the other times, I was given an appointment within a day or two. I must also add that not all of the staff was as efficient and professional as Rajiv or Diane. Accounts people did some miscalculation on my account and it took me numerous emails to get that fixed. These issues, though minor, should be handled promptly and responsibly.