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Guestbook Entry for V.K. Raina , India

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V.K. Raina
Green Card: 

It gives me greatest pleasure to record my heart-felt gratitude to Attorney Rajiv Khanna and his Team of dedicated collagues.... Ms. Diane Lombardo and others, who processed my case with utter sincerity in the vein of personalized attention and pristine friendship and guided me at every step with precision and exactitude. For fear of sounding loud, I do not wish to say any more than .... 'I was lucky to have found Rajiv .. he has proved to be an earnest friend, a delightful person, a thorough professional and above all a very decent gentleman' I have no hesitation in recommeding Attorney Rajiv Khanna to anybody who wishes to try processing his immigration case to the US. I can assure him that he will be in right hands. Dr. V.K. Raina