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Guestbook Entry for Pavan, United States

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United States

My GC process was started towards the end of 1999. After the Labor Cert. was approved, my I-140 was filed for. At this stage there was an RFE on my I-140. The case was complicated and at that point of time it seemed that there were very few chances of winning it. However, Mr. Rajiv Khanna presented the case with all the additional documents and evidences that were requested by INS, in a very systematic, efficient and intelligent manner. He was very persistent and determined to have the case resolved favorably. My I-140 was finally approved last week. During this difficult process, it was evident that Rajiv, Suman and the entire team were very dedicated towards their profession. They certainly are outstanding. They were always very courteous and prompt in answering all my questions and giving in apt advice pertaining to the case. I would definitely recommend Mr. Rajiv Khanna's Law Offices for any immigration-related issues. Pavan