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Went to San Jose USCIS office

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United States

* filed for EAD 3rd Renewal with RD June 28th at TSC but no response till today.

* went to San Jose USCIS office on Sep 27th for IEAD as I stay in Bay Area.

* Though had an appointment, it is about Hour and half before i was called to the window.

*Approved EAD for 8 months with no questions asked by just looking at EAD recipt notice & passport and taking a pre-filled EAD Application, copy of I-140 approval notice and I-485 notice.

*Office asked me to handover the approved notice to Cashier and no fee need to be paid.

* By the time, this process is completed, the photo window is closed so i was asked to come next day for Photo and one of the office made the appoinment for me.

* went the next day, waited for almost 2 hours for my name to be called in Photo window and got my EAD for 8 Months.

***** both the officers that worked on my case are really good.
***** Need to have pre-filled EAD application by the time u r called to the window.

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