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Guestbook Entry for ASHISH KHERA, United States

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United States

Green card experience : I would like to thank Mr Rajiv Khanna, Fidelina and their staff for all the help they provided through my Green card process. I am glad I selected them as my lawyers and would recommend others too if they want a hasle free green card processing. My Labour was done in Feb 98 and it came in under 6 months. We tried for EB2 I140 but since I did not have masters, we got an RFE. We selected EB3 as an option then but due to some confusion at the VSC side, my I140 was denied, they thought we are asking for EB2 again. My date had luckily become current at that time. Due to the quick response from Fedilina, my 140 was approved in about a week or so. That was something really extraordinary and I am glad Fidelina was handling my case. We are able to file 485 at that time, Aug 99. Got the EAD in about 3 months. But unfortunately, the dates went back. At that time, my wife’s 140 got approved in EB2 and through another lawyer. Her date was current. We were in a dilemma whether to file another 485 while earlier 485 was still pending, do CP or just wait. We finally decided to go for CP. We had our interview on 25 October at Delhi and had to wait for 2 weeks at delhi because of Name check problem. Fidelina had been nice to answer my queries every now and then through the whole process. The CP process was very smooth without any problems. If anybody has any specific question, please write to me at KHERAA@YAHOO.COM and I will be really glad to answer.