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Guestbook Entry for Durga, United States

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United States
This is to share my experience with all of you who are anxious about various issues with immigration processes. We recently contacted Rajiv’s firm for guidance in our case. I consider myself very forthright when it comes to my opinions and valuesystem.  My small step of seeking their assistance led to great strides in terms of my confidence and optimism. I mean it. I personally feel the consultation with Rajiv has tremendously helped get clarity and direction. Normally we are vary of approaching attorneys with our ignorance regarding the legal issues. Interacting with different levels of knowledge and on diffrent planes of understanding is normally not very comfortable. All such discomfort was dispelled in my very first consultation with Mr Khanna. I felt he is a professional with a sensitivity towards naive clients.  I felt he showed a very authentic and a genuine concern to understand where a person is coming from. That human touch sometimes has a huge bearing on our sense of hope and life in general. Expertise, knowledge in just hands, with a nice human being. With a competent and an understanding individual at the helm one would be in stronger starting place to pursue one’s objectives. I vouch for that. His team members Suman Bhasin, Leslie, Chengappa also are competent, courteous, and prompt. I am happy to associate with them.