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Guestbook Entry for Jay Udayasankaran , United States

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Jay Udayasankaran
United States

My sincere thanks to Rajiv Khanna and Amrita for their efforts in getting my PERM approved in a remarkable time frame.

My case was a bit complicated. Initially my PERM application got rejected three times over a four week period. The DOL was being quite vague about the reason stating that the alien does not qualify for the job.
However Mr. Khanna's expertise in this matter and dedication of Amrita got my application through, in the fourth attempt,
in a matter of three business days.

Mr.Khanna is very patient and helpful when it comes to dealing with employers. He spoke with my employer several times throughout the process, answered all the
queries that my employer had and helped him understand the perm process.

I really feel that Amrita put her heart in to my case. Amrita was extremely good about acting promptly on the rejection letters
from DOL. My Advertisements were expiring in 3 days from the day the fourth attempt was made. If she hadn't acted quickly i
probably wouldn't have had a chance.

I personally feel that Mr. Khanna's Law office pays close attention to details. They
are also very good about responding promptly to emails, phone calls and clarifying the smallest doubt you may have.
I strongly recommend their services.