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Experiences with rescheduling interview

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United States

My POE with the AP was actually Newark (there is a Newark-Beijing direct flight which goes over the pole). The officer just had my passport, the two copies of AP I have and also I had filled in the white landing card (the one you normally use for entrance with a visa).

So just to finish the story we had the interview this morning and my Greencard was approved. There was not a single question about the rescheduling of the previous two dates. We had a very friendly officer, who was very excited by our wedding photos and even called in another (soon to be married) officer to come look at the pictures of my dress. The photos were all we were asked for as proof of our marriage, although we did also show her the marriage certificate. We had all sorts of stuff with us, but none was asked for.

She took away my I94, my AP and EAD card (which I didn't even have to use yet), and told me that since the biometrics and name check are all done I should get the Greencard in the post within 2 weeks.

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