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Interview at Atlanta

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United States

Just wanted to update everyone and say we had our interview this morning, scheduled for 8 AM in Atlanta. We got there at 7.55, checked in at 7.59 and were called at 8.02. Interview was all done in 10 minutes and we were out of the building at 8.15.

It was very smooth, nice interviewer, made some jokes but was very professional. She didn't ask for too many documents from me. First she asked for passports and IDs and the interview letter. Then she started off with some general ID type questions from the G325A- DOB, where you were born, when we were married, where, where we met etc. Then to the Yes/No questions. Asked for evidence of relationship, I gave her copies of: Joint savings account statement, current and prior rental contracts with our names, Auto Insurance, Renter's Insurance, Life Insurance with spouse as primary benefactor, Shared credit card copies, notarized affidavit from my father in law. She circled the places on these docs where our names and common address was printed. Told her we also had photos but she did not ask to look at them.

She then said I was approved and should get my card in the next month or sooner. Should come back if I need to travel abroad in an emergency as they don't stamp passports any more (I asked), since the cards come so fast these days. She told me about the conditional GC and I will have to apply to remove conditions, keep USCIS informed about my address if it changes etc. She then escorted us out and we thanked her and left. In and out, no problems.

Edit/update: I just got an email saying card production ordered, approximately 6 hours after the end of the interview.