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Approved but pending name check

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United States

First of all I want to thank God for His favour upon us during the entire interview. I will also like to say a big "Thank you" to everyone on this forum. After I found this forum we did not need any lawyer again.

We got to the interview about 45mins earlier. About an hour later a young lady came out to call our names. We got up and met her at the door. She said she will like to talk to me first and I followed her to her office. She was very pleasant & laugh went I told her how we met.

She ask me the follow:
My ID, My name, Date of Birth
My Husband name, His date of Birth, His job & the hours he work
How we met, Date of marrige & where we were married
She asked me all the question on 1-485 which I answer NO no...
Have I met my mother-in-law & when was the last time I saw her- Sunday after church. she then ask for name of my church: I gave her & her she oh! I have heard about that church
She then took my I-94 and said I am ok with you and will approve your case but your name check is not yet in your file (she explained that since my application is very fast it take time for the name check to come back, she mentioned that they are having more pending name checks now bcos the interview is coming up earlier). She said " I will send you your appproval letter once I have the name check).

She followed me back outside & asked my husband to follow her:
(He was with the file of documents, we had a big file containing all our evidences & Album)

She asked him:
His ID & His name
How we met
What does he have for her?

After giving her the AEP & Tel bill she said that is Ok and only look at a couple of the pixs and said she is ok with us and also told him that she is satisfied with us. She told him also that I will get the approval letter once the name check comes through. He came out & we left smiling

Regarding my EAD- I went for an infopass on thursday & was told that since my interview is in a couple of days time I will not need is again if I am approved. My husband asked her about my EAD and she said that is already approved and I should get it in the mail soon before the GC letter.

Though the name checking is pending But I am very happy the interview went well. The total time was about 15min. I spend 10min while my hubby spent 5min. Add me to the name check table

Good luck to everyone who interview is coming up soon