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Approved At Atlanta

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United States

I Had my interview today, in the DO of Atlanta, GA at 10:00. I was really stressed. The officer who called us was a nice young lady in her mid 30's. We took the Oath to tell the truth, she asked for IDS, marriage ceriticate, previous divorce certificate, she asked where my husban worked, she verified our address and phone number. And finally she asked for most recent taxes for my husband and jpint sponsor. We had a bit of a problem with the taxes because we didnt have the most resent tax return/w2 for my joint sponsor or my husband for 2005.
She insisted we needed those documents but thank God the officer was really nice. She gave us a fax number and asked us to have someone fax that information to her directly. We went outside for like 40 minutes, and as soon as she had the fax in her hand she let us back in her office.

After going back in her office we imagined we would continue with the interview and the officer would ask us for more supporting docs. Its weird because she didnt ask for anything else. We had prepared for the interview countless utility bills, lease, contracts, bank statemets, full album, and letter from friends, copys of I-94, my husband birth certificate or mine....etc.. But she didnt seem interested in that. She stamped my passport and told me that i would receive my green card in the mail in less than a month. When she said that i finally started breathing. It was so releaving and to say that we spend more time in the waiting room than the actual interview.
The only thing im not sure is if i got conditional residence or permanente. I ve been married for less than a year. I forgot to ask and the stamp on my passport only says: Processed for I-551 temporrary evidence of lawful admission as a permanent residence.

Oh they also took away from me my work permit, she said that i wouldnt be needing it to work anymore and that with the stamp on my passport i can already travel!! yeah. No more worrying for know. My ND was 02/13/06....and my residence approval was 06/15/06!!