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Interview Experience--Detroit

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United States

Dear ones,

I just had the most happiest International Women's Day yesterday

The interview started 10 minutes late. It seemed I waited for 10 years.... The officer called my name. He is nice and quiet, a cool guy Swore us in, asked for state IDs. Checked my student status, went on for other questions: what is the first time you come to the States, did you go out of the States, is it your signature on I485, where are you from, where were you born, all the questions at the back of 485, joint evidence: employment letter, joint bank accounts, insurance, beneficiary, paystub, ...

Very smooth and peaceful, all soft talkings. He asked what does my husband do, and he told us his son is an engineer too.

30 minutes later, he tore the I94 out of my passport, asked our marriage date, more than two years. And stamp a temporary stamp at back of the passport, saying the green card will be on the mail. I silly asked him is it a permanent card, he stared at me and said, I can give you a temporary one if you want , I said thanks, I want this one. While my husband talked to him, he said he could give my husband (USC) a stamp on the passport too

See, the services of USCIS are not bad at all. They are doing a wonderful job I will remember and appreciate that officer for his trust forever.

Thank you all for your support, writing to me, thank you for your time and information. Good luck to you all!