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Interview at Portland Oregon. Passed I guess

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United States

I am a USC applying green card for my wife who has been a full-time student for 5 years. We had our AOS interview at Portland, Oregon today (April 20, 2006.)

Our interview was scheduled at 2:00pm and we arrived at the waiting room around 1:20pm. We got called by a very nice officer around 2:05pm and was out of the building around 2:32pm.

The officer introduced herself and took us to her office. She swore us in and checked our photo IDs. The officer is new on her job so there was another officer sitting at the desk kind of coaching her. When she told us that she is new on the job, I was thinking that our case must be simple or they would not let a newbie handle a complicated case.

She asked us some basic information like the current address and phone number. All of a sudden, she turned to my wife and asked her about my birthday. My wife was nervous and could not remember the exact year. The officer joked about that and said that it's more important to remember the date so "your husband would get the present." My wife was not able to answer the date of last entry to the U.S. It was quiet for a few seconds (but it felt like ages when you are on the hot seat.) I said "Can I answer?" The officer let me answer the question. She then asked my wife the No-No-No questions on the I-485 application. She asked me for the evidence of citizenship (she made a photocopy of my US passport) and the most recent pay-stub (I gave her the past 9 months.) She asked me for evidence of us filing the 2005 taxes. Since we just filed the taxes last week, I gave her a photocopy of all the forms we filed.

Finally, she said that this is a very clean case but since our I-130 package has not been transferred to her office, she cannot stamp my wife's passport. She knew that our I-130 has been approved and she will send in another request to get our file. She said that we should expect the green card in less than 2 months. We asked about what my wife's legal status after the interview and what document we should be using if we plan to travel overseas. There were some confusion about whether my wife should still maintain her full-time student status but we were told to use our Advance Parole to travel before getting the green card. Just to be sure, I asked the officer if we can have some celebration tonight and she said YES.

So I guess we passed the interview and should be getting the card shortly. Our feelings are mixed though since there is no stamp on the passport and anything can happen before actually getting the card.

We prepared a lot of document including two photo albums. But we only turned in the filed 2005 taxes and my pay stub. Other than the photo IDs and my US passport, the officer did not check anything else.