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Our Biometrics FP appointment was this morning

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United States

Arrive Early before the ASC office opens as there are many people that have same Appt. time , the line fills in fast.
Bring the following:
1)Your original ASC appt. notice
2) Photo ID (IF Photo ID passport has different last name than your ASC notice , bring Marriage license, If your ID and Appt. notice name are not same they will turn you away unless you have Marriage license)
3) Be sure your fingers/ hands are not dry or cracked, If you have dry hands put lotion on the nigt before so when you arrive they will take good prints

We arrived at 7:40. thank goodness we arrived Early because there were already 3 people waiting.The line really got long there more than 10 people in line before the ASC opened at 8:00am.

Once ASC opened you do intial pre-screen check in with a security guard, they ask for your Appt. letter & Photo ID.

Please note : If you filed your I-485 with your new married name and your Govt. ID has your given name or maiden name you will be asked to show the marriage liscense. 2 people were turned away this morning because the name on their ASC FP notice was different than their Passport. Bring your marriage liscense. Luckily for us we went to the Japanese Consulate in Los Angeles yesterday morning and had them make a name change to her passport to reflect her new married name. Once we showed the name change on her passport the ASC office did not need the marriage lsicense.

Moving on' after being pre-screened we were motioned over to the reception desk where they check ID and Appt. Notice AGAIN, and then they look at your hands to see if there are any cuts or scrapes and to be sure that you will take good prints, My wife has dry hands and very thin fingers the lady at reception inspected her hands then said "your hands are really dry it may be difficult to get good prints, but we will try"

We were given a number card (#1 ) They gave her a form to fill out, with name, address A# and Receipt number, then they called her number and she wa s s een by the Finger print dude, he had a hard time taking her prints but finally was able to get good prints, then they took her photo. After that a USCIS officer came over to verify & inspect the prints/ photo before the process was complete.

Once the USCIS officer verified everything looked good we were asked to fill out a customer survey, they stamped her ASC Appt notice and sent us on our way.

We were in & Out in 12 minutes!

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