Naturalization Community Stories

In line for an interview over 2months

I had my interview at 10:15 on Jan 26 (Seattle, WA). I arrived at 9:45 but they wouldn't let me check in til exactly 15 mins before the interview time. They ran late so they only called me at saw me at 10:45. It took 30 mins. The officer interviewing me was quite young and initially very formal but by the end he was chatting with me, really friendly and nice. Went over every page of my application and asked me to answer pretty much all the questions orally to check my answers against the form.

Naturalization Interview Experience

02/06/14: N-400 couriered to Phoenix, AZ - Santa Ana CA DO
02/07/14: Delivered
02/07/14: Priority Date
02/12/14: Check Cashed
02/14/14: Received NOA letter
02/21/14: Online Status FP appointment notice mailed
02/24/14: Received FP Notice - 03/04/14
02/25/14: FP done - walk-in Santa Ana CA
03/03/14: Online Status Changed to "In Line"
07/18/14: Received Interview Letter
08/20/14: Interview

Feb N- 400 submission

DO: Houston
2.26.14 : N400 Couriered to Lewisville, TX
2.27.14 : Package Delivered
2.28.14 : USCIS Priority Date
3.05.14 : Check cashed
3.05.14 : N400 accepted - Email Notification
3.06.14 : NOA received
3.07.14 : Online Status FP appointment notice mailed
3.13.14 : Received FP Notice - 03/25/14
3.14.14 : FP done - walk in
3.19.14 : Status changed to In Line for interview scheduling
7.11.14 : Status changed to Scheduled for Interview
7.21.14: Received Interview Letter
8.19.14: Interview
8.19.14: Oath Letter

Naturalization Interview Without Country of Citizenship Passport

So I had my interview on Sept 3rd and I went in without the Original Country of Citizenship Passport however as my previous posts state that I had made color copies of each page in my Passport book. Furthermore, I got each page notarized by a Notary Public and obtained a letter from Swiss Embassy that my original Passport (number xxxxx) is with them with effect from data xxxx for Schengen visa processing etc. So I was ready but still I was hoping that the I/O wont ask for my Passport and I don't have to bring all of this up.