Frequently Asked Questions - Quota

H-1B Filed Under the Quota for the Year 2014
My H-1B was filed under the quota for the year 2014 and recently approved. Am I now in H-1B status?

A petition filed under the 2014 quota cannot have an effective date before October 1, 2013.  You cannot be in H-1B status prior to that date.

Request to Upgrade to Premium Processing
My employer filed my H-1B petition during the Quota using regular processing. Now we have received an RFE. Is it possible to change to premium processing now in order to receive an earlier decision from USCIS?

When the RFE response is submitted to USCIS, a request to upgrade the petition to premium processing can be submitted along with the response.  In order to upgrade to premium processing, a new Form G-28 and a Form I-907 will need to be prepared and sent to the employer for signature to be submitted to USCIS with the request to upgrade to premium p

H-1B Quota and the "Reminder Option"
I have H-1B stamped valid till March 2014 and I am in India right now. My current employer laid me off and cancelled my petition.I have got a call from a consultant that they can file a new petition in premium category against my exiting stamped visa under cap exempt category even if my current petition is already cancelled. Can I use my H-1B in this way even if my petition is cancelled by my earlier employer and me being available in India .

There are two parts to your question. Are you subject to H-1 quota? The answer is no, not until you have been physically outside USA for a year. Even after that, you may have the "remainder option." Second, can you use the same visa stamp to travel?

Filing H-1B Quota Cases Next Year
Can you let me know when we can start filing H-1B cases again for this year?

If the beneficiary is not subject to the quota, you can file an H-1B for them at any time.  If the beneficiary is subject to the quota, the new H-1B cannot be submitted to USCIS  before April 1, 2014, with an effective date of October 1, 2014.  We will start working on next year’s quota cases in January 2014.

Tracking H-1B Petition During Quota
How will I know if my H-1B petition has been accepted in the quota?

For cases filed with Premium processing, USCIS will issue a receipt notice via e-mail.  Cases filed with regular processing will have to wait until either the receipt notice is sent via USPS (U.S. Postal Service ) or the case is returned by USCIS.

Impact on Current H-1B if Another H-1B is Denied
I am already on a cap-exempt H1b working for a non-profit full time. Another employer filed my H1b petition on the cap-subject quota on april 2018 and got an RFE april 2019 and was denied with a reason for maintaining of status. They asked my paystubs from my current employer. My questions are: 1. will there be any impact to my current H-1B? 2. If they only ask for paystubs, can I submit them and initiate motion to reopen the case? what are the possibilities of success.
H-1B Petition Revocation During Visa Process/Reaffirmation
I had my H1 visa extension stamping appointment on Feb 21, 2018. Initially it was put under Administrative Processing and later on May 23rd my petition was send back for revocation. As per the inquiry with embassy they told me that "Based on the documents you submitted and the information elicited in your interview with a consular officer, you were determined ineligible for an H1B work visa. Your petition was returned to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) on May 24. Currently H1 status website shows KCC received the application on June 8. Once KCC receives a petition, it is returned to the approving USCIS office for review and possible revocation. At this point, USCIS can either reaffirm the petition or issue a notice of intent to revoke it. What are the options available with me now?
Exemption from H-1 Quota and Visa Stamping
In 2014, My wife was working with employer "A" on L2 EAD and the employer "A" filed H1B petition in April-2014. She got approval notice in May-2014 but due to some family reasons we have to go back to India and she continues working for the same employer from India since then. Her approved H1B petition with the same employer "A" is valid till Aug-2017 and H1B visa is stamped in Dec-2016 for the same employer "A". She never traveled to the USA on that H1B visa as her employer does not have any opportunity there. Since she never traveled to the USA on her H1B visa ever, does that mean she has never granted status as an H1B Non-immigrant?
Am I Exempt From H-1 Quota If Visa Was Not Stamped
My query is that whether my name which was sponsored by an IT company and come under quota (in 2008) could still be considered to remain as 'VALID' and 'UNUTILISED' under the year 2008 quota (and initial period 2008-2011). As no stamping of H1B took place in 2008, then can this be UTILIZED by any new employer/sponsor (under the 2008 quota) but with the validity starting from the date of stamping (e.g. 2016) and till subsequent years (as applicable). Can we say that this would be a case of stamping based upon PREVIOUS quota/approval and any new sponsor would NOT require to file a fresh H1B petition. So, only some MODIFICATION of the 2008 petition documents would required to be made by any new employer/sponsor.
How Does H-1 Visa Quota System Work?
I am an Indian and have been living in London for the last 6 years and currently in the process of getting British Citizenship, which I am hoping to get by April and subsequently British Passport by June. I work for a leading international bank in London. My girlfriend is currently doing Masters in Illinois, USA, so, I am looking to move to US, but understand the H-1B visa is a bit complicated. My question is, how does the quota system work for H-1-B visa and when does the new quota start, and what's the best period to apply for one? So, If I am looking to move there in October 2015, when do I have to get an employer to apply for H-1B for me (provided an employer agrees to sponsor me)? or, is there a particularly good time to apply for H-1B visa? Also, is it easier to get the visa if I am there physically in the US or it doesn't matter?

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.  

When do I become exempt from H-1 quota
I got my H-1B petition approved in 2008 and again got it extended in 2008 unto Jan 2011. Now, I have never used both these visa's to work in US. Though, I have traveled few times to US but on B-1 visa for meetings with customer. Today, one of my friend told me that I am eligible for cap exempt H-1B application if I get job in US. Also, what will be the processing time for this cap exempt H-1B. Can this be done in premium processing in 15 days ?

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.

Can I postpone H-1 status
Currently I'm on L-1A status and it expires in *** hence my employer is planning to file new H-1B this April not change of status. Here are my questions… 1) If I get H-1B this April, is it mandatory to work on H-1B from Oct 01, 2015? 2) Shall I continue with L-1A status until it expires and then can I change to H-1B?

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S.

Cap Gap Extension Rules
I am on F-1/OPT extension which expires on March 2014. Is there any grace period so that my employer can file my H-1 visa. Do I loose my status after March or is there any grace period. If I come under current status when can I file my H-1?

When your application for H-1 is filed within 60 days of OPT 

H-1 Through Multiple Employers
I am planning to apply for H-1 through multiple employers. What are the precautions I need to take. I have my project end date in August, one of my employer will be representing with my current job. Will it be a problem later if the client details does not match ?

If you are a quota applicant, you can apply through as many unrelated companies as you like. Do not be a party to any misrepresentation.