Frequently Asked Questions - Unlawful Presence

This is another complicated concept with some very serious consequences. Briefly, if you have been unlawfully present in USA for more than 180 days, you cannot come back to USA for 3 years and if unlawfully present for a year or more, you cannot come back for 10 years. Very generally speaking unlawful presence begins after expiration of the I-94 or after having been asked by the govt. to leave USA.

Unlawful Presence for Minors
My son’s I-94 and visa are expired in June. We have applied for I-539 for extension in October. Will he be granted the extension.

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For a child under the age of 18 until they hit 18 there is no unlawful presence. They are only out of status. More...


H-1B or Other Status Denied - What is my Status?
My I-94 expired on Dec 13th last year. Company filed for extension but RFE….now i will be laid off on Feb 9th and my company will not file for RFE response. How many days do i have to leave the country? Do i need to leave immediately on Feb 9th or can i leave by Feb 13th or 14th ? Will 5 days of out of status impact my future applications ? Also another company has offered me a job. If they file for H1B do they have to do it after I leave the country or can they start it and i can leave in between and do Counselor processing?
Status and Unlawful Presence Questions in the Form DS-160
Having plans to travel to India in last week of Sept 17 and with my visa stamp on passport expiring on 1st Sept 2017, need to go for visa interview & when I am filling my DS-160, came across the question : Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a U.S. visa? Considering the above situation, could you please help with what to answer Yes/No. If Yes, what comments to be written in the EXPLAIN BOX .