I-485 Applicant Holding Multiple Jobs On EAD

1. In respect to the above, Case: I-485 pending since 4 years. Did not renew H1B as using EAD/AP. Can a primary applicant on Green card have multiple jobs on EAD ? More than one W2's simultaneous.
Employer A (original) - Filed Green Card
Employer B (temporary) - New Employer
Work for both Employer A & Employer B.
2. Is it important to have a continued pay stub from Employer A (original company)? Can I work for Employer B for few months and then work back for Employer A? Will there be any problem during final Adjudication?

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1. If you qualify under AC21 that is same or similar to the offered job under the green card or if you are going through the green card sponsoring employer, you will maintain that job. So, if you are currently maintaining that job full time and doing all other jobs at the same time or you intend to return back to that job when your green card is approved you can actually have simultaneous jobs with several different employers.

2. A green card is based upon a job offer which could be present or future. So for example, if you are working for employer A it can be a job offer for a present job or they could be offering you a promoted position. More...


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