Pending I-485 and marraige

Currently My I-485 is pending and I-140 is approved last Year (2009) january My PD 05/29/2007. I am working using my EAD and change my job last year I don't have my H1B. I filed my I-485 as single, but I will get married to my Girlfriend (Germany). She come here Last November with waiver visa (stay up 90days), Now she is thinking to come back using F1 visa a students instead re-entry using waiver visa which she can't change her status anyway). If I get married, can I put her name under my petition (file I-485 for her) ? and apply EAD also with her Travel documents ?

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If your priority date is current, you can file her AOS as long as she is legally in the US. I just have an issue with using F-1 visa to accomplish this purpose. Please consult with a lawyer about the details.

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