Australian Musician to perform in US

An Australian Musician that is wanting to come to US for a few weeks to travel and play at approx 15-20 venues across the US. I am willing to sponsor him via my DJ entertainment service, and he will be paid for the shows. He is a professional musician in his country, has been for 15 yrs. Which visa would be required in this case?

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A "B" visa is appropriate if the artist will not be paid in USA, other than for travel and incidental expense.

An "O-1" Visa is for an individual artist of International Renown - well known outside their home country. A "P-1" is for a performing group that meets the same standard.

"P-2" Visas are issued on reciprocal basis between countries. You may want to contact the US consulate to see if they have programs for Australia.

"P-3" Visas are for groups that are Culturally Unique - for instance, folk musicicians.

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