Business on E2 has closed. Need help

My husband and I came over on E2, he was partners as a mortgage broker, due to economy the business did not make a good profit and attorneys have said that we will not get E2's renewed. So rather than keep throwing money away the business has closed its doors. We have approx $600k invested in the US in property. This is owned outright. I have been to college an got a diploma, with a 98.6GPA. Apparently this is of no consequence when it comes to staying in the US. Any advice of what else we can do. We need to act quickly. We are looking at losing over $200k to move back to UK. Due to economy.

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You can apply for B visa to stay for a few more months. You cannot do business on that visa, but at least you will be able to sell when the time is better. Details are on my blog.

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