Accredited University to get Master’s Degree to Process an EB-2 Green Card

In you previous Conference Calls you did mention that you did post videos on USCIS accredited Universities in USA. If a person is doing an MS or MBA in US he/she needs to do it from those accredited universities inorder for the educational evaluation to be done to achieve EB2 Status.Right now I have a 3 years of Bachelors degree from India and do not qualify for EB2 and I am in EB3. I wanted to do an MS or MBA in USA.

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Watch the Video on this FAQ: How to find an accredited university to get Master’s degree to process an EB-2 green card

Video Transcript

The US Department of Education maintains a list of state level agencies who can accredit programs and your university should be able to tell you who has credentials or accredited them or their programs. More...


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