I'm on H1B visa for very long time working for Company A. I have founded a start-up company B while in H1B, and invested in it to launch 4 free Apps in the market. My spouse is having H4 EAD, and I hired her as Director to oversee the business, bank account etc. These Apps are very innovative and globally received lot of recognition. Now I have plenty of Media reports based on my Apps. I also wrote Innovative Articles that are accepted by Science and Engineering Journals about these inventions. I have 4+ qualifying criterias for EB1-A. So far I can confirm that I never made a $ out of these Apps or from my investment.
Am I eligible for EB1-A, as I would like to make more more innovative and problem solving Apps, that would create jobs in the market.

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EB-1A category requires a two-step analysis: quantitative and qualitative. In the quantitative analysis you must meet 3/10 requirements, or equipment. In the qualitative analysis, which is performed after that, your resume, in an overview, should look like that of a person who is one of the top people in your profession. 

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