Best Methods for Spouse of a Green Card Holder to Enter the USA

I am a US GC holder and planning to get married to a bride in India. If I get married to a bride in India, can she get a tourist visa.? (Bride is a Software engineer working in India.)My idea is that after marriage, my wife enters the US under Tourist and stay for 6 months and then go to Canada and renter the US and stay in the US with me for next 6 months for a total of a 1 year.

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As there is a gap between when you apply and when they can actually get some kind of a legal status it can be several years, so it becomes problematic for spouses of green card holders to stay outside the USA for that long. One option would be, if you in the interim become eligible for citizenship you can then upgrade the pending case of the spouse of a US citizen from the spouse of a green card holder. The other option is to get into a situation like H-1 or L-1 where a pending green card application doesn't matter. Even O-1 or E-1, E-2, E-3 visas. A tourist visa, student visa or a J visa would be a difficult option while a green card is going on, but not impossible. It is quite difficult to get those visas because they require nonimmigrant intent. More...

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