Changing Jobs and Supplement J

How long does the supplement J form take for approval? What happens if supplement J is denied? Can I work with the new employer without filing supplement J?

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Video Transcript

Supplement J is essentially a replacement for employment letters. See my blog for the rules. 

The purpose of Supplement J is to confirm that the job offer from the employer and there is the intention of the employee to accept that job. It is also used to request portability. 

.......When must you file Supplement J?

When you are filing I-485 and I-140 separately. If you file them both together with the same employer, you don't need to file Supplement J. If you are filing them separately you file I-140 first and then you filed I-485 then you have to file Supplement J with it. 

Second, when USCIS requests it, you got to provide it. So if you have a pending case, you've never given Supplement J and UCIS has asked for it, you got to give it. 

Third, is when you do portability. When you change to a similar job you should file at that point Supplement J.  If you want to take benefit of portability you have to file it. But if you say I am going to be here for 3 months and then change jobs again you could skip Supplement J. More...

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