Changing Jobs After I-140 Approval

I have the following questions
Can employer A revoke my current I-140 after I change my employment?
Can I keep getting my visa renewed with Employer B based on my current I-140 with Employer A until Employer B initiates my GC processing?
Does the hike in pay and change in roles in any way affect any of my future GC filings with Employer B?

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Video Transcript

When your I-140 is approved your priority date is yours to keep even if you leave that employer the very next day and go and join a totally different job. It does not matter if the job gives you a higher salary or a lower salary or has a completely different job profile because all you are carrying forward is your priority date. So when you want to carry forward your priority date what you do is you take your I-140 with you. In addition to that once the I-140 is approved and stays approved for 180 days not only you carry on your priority date, you also carry the right to extend your H-1 through any employer and there is no limitation on that. More...



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