Can A Green Card Be Filed For Me If I am On H-4 or L-2?

I am currently on L-2 EAD (since Jun 2017) and work for Employer A. Can my current employer (Employer A) file for my Green Card ?

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Watch the Video on this FAQ: Can a green card be filed for me if I am on H4 or L2 or F1 – – any status other than H-1B or L-1A?

Video Transcript

Yes. A green card can be filed while you are on any status. But while filing a green card for visas like F-1, F-2, J-1, J-2 can be complicated in some ways. Consult your lawyers.  Make sure you got every part covered. If you are born in countries like India or China or any other countries that are very backed up you will have to be very careful and make proper plans before you file for a green card directly from any of the other statuses but there is no law that says you cannot do that. More...


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