Locating A Long-Pending I-485 Application and Priority Dates

1.How can I locate a long-pending I-485 application that has been transferred multiple times and appears to be “lost”? 2.When the priority date is going to become current for an individual with a long-pending I-485 application, is it advisable to send an advance email to USCIS?

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1. According to USCIS, if you have an old I-485 that has been transferred multiple time and you do not know where the case is, you should call USCIS.  It is advisable to follow up in case no useful answer is forthcoming.  USCIS aims to keep close control over its case inventory and tracks cases to make sure all the parts stay together and get adjudicated together.

It is also important for the attorney of record (using Form G-28) and the applicant (using Form AR-11) to keep USCIS apprised of any changes of address.

2. According to USCIS, it is not advisable to send an email, because there is a system to identify these cases.  However, one may contact USCIS if the priority date has been current for more than 30 days and no action has been taken on the case.

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