How does one assist family in applying for B-2 (Visitors/Tourist) visa

Q1. How to Assist Family Members in Applying for B-2 (Visitors/Tourist) Visa? Q2. In filling out Form I-134 form (Affidavit of Support), If you look at the question No.1. It says are your Citizen...., or permanent resident of US. It has no column says are you H1B etc. What should I do here. Should I leave this column or do something else please guide me.

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A1. There are no fixed procedures for applying for a tourist visa. Generally, the applicant just goes to the U.S. consulate closest to their home and applies. Often a friend or a family member (who is in the U.S.) of the applicant may be required by the consulate to provide Form I-134, Affidavit of Support.

Once a visa is obtained, the visa holder can travel to USA. Assuming, they travel by air, INS (actually, CBP) will grant them stay at the airport. The usual period of this stay is 6 months. Extension is possible but is usually not advisable. Visa duration governs the time within which someone can land in USA. I-94 (issued by INS (CBP) at the airport) governs how long they can stay in USA. So for example if your visa is expiring tomorrow and you flew into USA today. INS (CBP) has given you an I-94 expiring in 6 months, you may stay in USA for 6 months.

A2. Hand write or type next to it "H-1B Holder"



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