K-3 visa when I-130 approved

We have an appointment set for the K-3 interview in Nairobi. Our I-130 Petition has been approved, IV fees payed and documents submitted. We have not seen each other since 12/08. If we go forward with K-3 processing, what are the negative consequences? Will my approved I-130 be cancelled?

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In your case, a K-3 cannot be issued. You must wait for IV.

If an I-130 is approved, K-3 can still be approved if the consulate has not yet received OFFICIAL notice of approval of I-130. Note that your I-30 will NEVER be canceled.The recommended practice in K-3 cases is to indicate on the Form I-130 that the beneficiary will apply for AOS. Nevertheless, it is too late for that now. If they have received official notification, then an immigrant visa (green card will be issued) after processing locally. It should not take too much extra time.

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