Lost old EAD card for another OPT application

I am currently a PhD student and preparing for application for OPT. Previously in 2004 upon earning BS degree, I got OPT and worked for a summer. In preparation for a new OPT, I realized that I need to provide copy of front and back of the previous EAD card. However, I cannot find the card. I just found copy of I-765, I-94, and I-20 for the previous OPT.If I submit without copy of the previous EAD card, will I be likely to be denied for the new OPT? Also, what is the safest way to deal with this situation.

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First, discuss the possible solutions with your international students office. Second, call USCIS customer service and ask for solutions. Third, provide whatever you have with a full explanation to USCIS when filing the new OPT.

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