When to apply for L-2 extension

My employer is in the process of extending my current L1 status for another 3 years. Current I94 is due to expire on June 20, 2009. My wife is on L2 and employed with an EAD valid till June 20, 2009. How can she extend her EAD at the same time as my L1 is being extended? My company lawyers will not handle extending her EAD. Please advice.

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I believe you have three choices. Add her L-2 extension/EAD to your L-1 extension in the same package; apply for your extension, wait for the receipt then apply for her L-2 extension/EAD; or apply for your extension, wait for the APPROVAL then apply for her L-2 extension/EAD (note that she must be in status when you apply for her L-2/EAD). I have listed these choices in the order of my preference.

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