H-1 visa stamping -- is it difficult?

My son is employed on H1 B visa in USA. As of now, he is working as a consultant in a fortune 100 company. If he returns to India, to get married, he has to approach the US consulate for an H-1 visa. I have the following questions. Is it difficult now, in view of the present US laws/restrictions on H1B visa to get extension/renewal of the said visa in India. What is the procedure.

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The degree of difficulty varies from case to case and should be evaluated by the lawyer who processed the H-1.

In my view, getting a visa stamping is no more difficult than it was a year ago. The big difference is the consulate may insist on a letter from the end client, the job site where your son works. Other than that, his stamping should be no more difficult than when he got it the first time. As to the procedure, I suggest you check the consulate's web site. They tend to be fairly comprehensive.

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