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I am currently on OPT, expiring on 23 May 11. I am currently working but my current employer is not willing to file for my visa and I am unable to find an employer who can file for H1B. I have following questions: 1) If I am not able to find a company-how much time ahead of my visa expiration I will have to file for H4? 2) How difficult it is for an employer file for H1 from H1 and what is the process? 3) If I have to travel out of country before the OPT expiration-do I need to have another visa approved to re enter before my OPT expiration?

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1. Your H-4 application must reach USCIS before expiration of your OPT (although it could be argued that you have an extra 60 days, but I stay away from having to argue).
2. No different than filing a new H-1.
3. You could have a difficult time entering if cutting too close the end, although, legally you are entitled to it as long as you have a job in your field that you have been performing on your OPT.


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