How To Add Forgotten Information On To A Naturalization Application/N-400?

I filed for my N-400 and then had requested my Driver's History from NJ DMV just to be sure that my account is in good standing. I received my Driver's History after few weeks and my account is good standing, however, I had one traffic ticket 16 years ago about which I had completely forgotten to mention on my N-400. Therefore on my N-400 I had selected "No" to the citation question.
My question - should I let the officer know right in the beginning of the interview that I would like to amend my N-400 for that particular question OR should I wait until he gets to that question and then let him know? What's the best way to deal with this error on the application?

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The first thing you should do is contact the customer service. Let them know you got this issue and make a note of the date and time you called and to whom you spoke so that you have a record that you tried to correct the situation as soon you discovered the omission. The second thing you do is put it in writing, send it to the government, whichever address you filed the N-400 or whichever address you received the last response from the government and inform them what the issue is and the third thing you do is when you go for the interview bring it up yourself, let the officer know that there is some information missing and you would like that to be corrected. If you do all of these things I think you should be fine. More...



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