L2 EAD Renewal based on I -94

Below are the validity dates of my L2 Visa,I-94& EAD: L2 Visa Expiration Date: 18JUL2010 I-94 : 06MAY2011 EAD expiration date: 02OCT2010 I would like to apply for EAD renewal on June 4th, 2010 [120 days before EAD expiration] Since I & my husband have I-94 valid till May 2011, my husband's company is planning to extend L1/L2 visas next year. Will my EAD renewal process have an impact with L2validity? As per my understanding, since I would remain on valid L2 visa after 18 July,2010 for 7 months[till I-94 expiration] can I renew my EAD without necessarily extending my L2visa.

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Visa is irrelevant for status in USA. Look to your I-94 only. I dont see why you cannot renew EAD till I-94 validity. Since this matter is important, do double check with the company lawyers.

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