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Vijay A
Green Card: 
United States
I have had a very good experience on my Green Card process from the attorneys at My application process started off around 2007 and till date, all the time I have received friendly response from all the staff from this attorney(I have interacted with around 3 or 4 people during my green card process) Specifically, I want to highlight Sheena Gill on her approach, care and attention she shows.  My green card process had some hiccups in the form of I140 RFE and she did a great job on responding to that RFE.  If not her, I may have been in trouble.  She spent extra effort in understanding the reason of RFE and then suggested me to bring various evidence, did excellent job in compiling them and writing up a detailed RFE response. I was also very impressed, when Sheena tried tell me that my I485 was approved.  She tried to call me, but due to mobile signal issues, I was not reachable.  She dug out my home phone number and contacted my spouse to find out where I am.  In comparison, others would have just left a voice mail and could have waited until I call them back. Apart from the Green Card process, I have received tips and help on other USCIS related matters from all the team at, with out making me feel that they are doing favor. I have recommended these attorneys to few of my friends and will keep doing that in future.