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Washington- DC
Green Card: 
United States

There is just one word for Attny Khanna's team- the "Best". Since my case was National Interest Waiver, a lot depended on how the case is presented since this entailed having to waive the labor certification process. My sincere thanks to Diane Lombardo for arranging the petition nicely. Even when I got the RFE, they did not rest. Attorney Khanna himself talked with me, discussed the issue. He was ably supported by other team members and they came up with a great response because of which my petition was approved within seven days.I was able to waive the tedious labor certification process and the entire filing process to I-485 took just 5 months. Even now, Attny Khanna, Diane Lombardo and Leila Lehman are advising me, based on my unique conditions, if I should go for consular processing or file I-485. Best of all, you can expect replies to your email within 30 min and each of your phone call is received or they will call you back in a day.For me, retaining them to represent me was the single best thing that I have ever done. Thank you Attorney Khanna and his wonderful team.