Guestbook Entry for Imam Dudekula, United States

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Imam Dudekula
United States

Myself and my family got GC approved. My case had become bit complex due to my doctor's ignorance in preparing medical report properly.

Mr. Rajiv & his employees were very patient through the entire process and helped me through the approval process.

No need to say he is an expert in the Immigration & Naturalization affairs and best part of him I liked is: he is always reachable by email and also by telephone as and when needed without any waiting time!!!

Usually when we want to get some advice from an attorney or a doctor, first thing that comes to mind is they are not reachable without a formal appointment etc. Mr.Rajiv though he is so famous among immigration lawyers, he is still reachable at anytime as and when needed.

His employees were also very cordial and provided personal attention to my case.

In short, he saved my life here.

I would strongly refer him for any USCIS related work.