Guestbook Entry for Ion Pelinescu , United States

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Ion Pelinescu
United States

Mr. Khanna successfully represented me in my green card petition for the Outstanding Researcher category. We submitted the I140 on April 24, 2003 and I485 on September 12, 2003, with the Texas Service Center. I received I140 approval on January 11, 2005 and I485 was approved on January 13, 2005. There has been no request for further evidence throughout the whole process.

I am extremely satisfied with the services and grateful to Mr. Khanna for the professional work he has done for me. He was extremely professional and supportive through the whole process. His advice to submit the two applications concurrently has been crucial for me having now the passport stamped with the green card approval.

To me, Mr Khanna was supportive as if I would have been his relative, not his client. I have gone through some scary moments because of the March 2004 memo which I am convinced it significantly slowed down my entire case. I also had one glitch with my current employer, which, at his advice, I was able to overcome. I was worried about not having the I140 approved for so long and almost lost hope that anything good is going to result. Mr. Khanna was very confident in the case he put together for me and for very good reasons. You can trust that if he is going to accept your case he is confident that your application will be approved and he will be there with you for the whole journey.

Finally, I have very good words for Mr. Khanna's staff, especially Ms. Suman Bhasin and Ms. Diane Lombardo. As a client you can call or e-mail his office at any time and you will promptly find his staff at the other end helping you. They will constantly help you put all the bits together and understand the meaning of every step of the process.

For all people out there contemplating on embarking to this journey I can confidently say that you will have in Mr. Khanna the best professional advice and work along with something money cannot buy, your best friend.

Mr. Khanna, THANK YOU!
and, Good luck to everybody.