Guestbook Entry for Raj S , United States

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Raj S
United States

I am so thankful and greatfull to the wonderful people in The Law Offices of Rajiv Khanna for filing my GC and getting my approval and stamping. Their consul at very stage was excellent and always accurate. My 485 was cleared in 18 months. I would like to thank Mr Khanna for his consul and assertiveness in my case, Leila Lehman - a wonderful person, for taking care for my case and clearing all my doubts and Suman for initial supervising of my case. They were always reachable and would respond immediately. I rate them as the most precious people in my life with my Parents, Family, My favorite Teacher and best friend. Their help and consul cannot be thanked in words. I shall always be indebted to them.

I would strongly recommend The Law Offices of Rajiv Khanna for any issues in your GC. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the Law Offices of Rajiv Kanna. Apart from their professional services, their site has been in my opinion the greatest contribution to the immigrants in the US, I cannot find a parallel to a site anywhere in the net which benefited so many, so much.

Wishing them the best!