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Nonimmigrant Visas: 
United States

It gives me great pleasure to share my experience with Mr.Khanna and his courteous staff pertaining to my H1B and Green card processing. A majority of the immigration community thinks of Immigration lawyers as notorious for not returning the calls, not communicating with their clients regarding the progress of the case and not filing the petitions properly, Mr.Khanna and his staff completely eliminates this notion.At Mr.Khanna's office the emphasis is more on the Customer Service. You think I am exaggerating, but I have spoken and corresponded with lot of his staff members regarding my Green Card and H1B petitions and their attitude, their professionalism, their respect towards the clients is so conspicuously similar that you almost think that you are talking to the same person. Mr.Khanna and his staff have successfully filed my H1B and Green Card and at every step they have contacted me via E-mail and by phone.It is very comforting to get to know the progress of your case at every step contrary to having been left out in the dark, which lot of other firms do. My 7th year H1B extension has been approved and I am at the I-140 stage in my GC. The bottom line is if you are not with Mr.Khanna THEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING. Albeit all the staff members are courteous and very professional, I would like to specifically thank Ms.Shivane Sharma, Ms.Ursual Jara-Elouaddane, Ms.Sirisha Durgam, Ms.Rena Waddel, Ms.Charu Bhagat, Ms.Suman Bhasin Keep up the good work Mr.Khanna and thank you for serving the immigration community.