L-1A for a Large, Complex Multinational Co.

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We filed an L-1A for an executive/managerial level employee (intracompany transferee). The U.S. company was seeking to employ the beneficiary as a senior vice president. Subsequent to filing the petition we received a Request for Evidence (RFE). We responded and the petition was then approved. One of the challenges in this case included establishing that the foreign entity and the U.S. had a “qualifying relationship” where there is a complex multinational organizational structure that includes several subsidiary relationships. Other challenges were proving that the position in both the U.S. and abroad was both executive and managerial. Our Response to the RFE included further information about ownership and control of the companies and a significant amount of additional detail about the executive/managerial positions abroad and in the U.S. Among other factual and legal submissions, detailed and corroborating information was provided regarding the positions included: narratives with very specific descriptions of beneficiary’s and direct reportees’ job duties, letters from company executives corroborating this information, quarterly reports with salary levels (redacted for privacy), charts showing beneficiary’s detailed job description and the percentage of time spent (and to be spent) on each duty. 

L-1A approved
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