L-1A for a Small U.S. Operation

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We filed an L-1A for an executive or managerial level employee (intracompany transferee). The U.S. company was seeking to employ the beneficiary as president. There were several legal issues, potential and manifest, including: how to prove the job is managerial or executive when the US operation is a fledgling business; can a majority stockholder be also an employee? What to do when the reporting structure in the foreign corporation is relatively informal?  We were able to anticipate these issues prior to filing, through consultation with our clients, and overcome them with our response to the government. Among other factual and legal submissions, detailed information with supporting documentation was provided about the beneficiary’s direct reportees in both entities, including job title and description, education, experience, and salary. We also provided information about how the beneficiary is and will be  relieved from performing non-executive tasks. Detailed organizational charts for both companies were also provided. The petition was subsequently approved.

L-1A approved
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