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FAQ: EB-3 petition downgrade; CSPA protection for 21 year old son I-485 Green Card final interview process/questions asked, etc. Retaining valid H-1B status while AOS is pending and when to file Supplement J

OTHER: USCIS background check process for I-485 application and when to contact a congressman to expedite the application EB-3 downgrade and project with the end client ended; green card process repercussions Returned to original green card sponsoring company after over a year with another company; naturalization process issues Impact of H-1B overstay after I-797 expiration Obtaining visas when denied entry to the U.S. after 10 year ban Can U.S. citizen parents file for permanent residence for son and daughter in law? AC21 portability after 180 days Daughter's passport renewed, I-94 not updated F-1 OPT Visa Renewal Traveling outside the country on AP when I-485 is pending Currently on Employment Based GC - Impact during naturalization process check on employment history issues and lost H-1B document

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