Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, EB-1

We won a case following a Request for Evidence for a scientist. We were able to establish that he is an internationally renowned scientist who is acclaimed and respected in the international research community for his expertise in the area of nanotechnology, magnetic nanoparticles and nanocomposites, nanomagnetism, thermoelectric nanoparticles and nanocomposite materials. His unique specialty set him apart from others in the field. The applicant provided documentary evidence to show that he qualified for four criteria of the category; publications, original contributions, professional membership in a society that required extraordinary achievements and reviewer of work of his peers. He was invited to review for several high-impact scientific journals. He also had an extensive publication list as well as presentations world-wide for his innovative and pioneering work. One of his articles was selected and featured as an “article of impact” in a virtual scientific journal. Only a very small percentage of articles are chosen for this particular publication. As a result of his noteworthy original contributions, he had an impressive number of citations of his work. We also showed in our response to the RFE that this applicant’s extensive contributions to the field were beyond the normal scope of a researcher with his years of educational and work experience.

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