My Interview Experience - Detroit

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United States

It was easy as most others have said. I arrived 25 minutes early, went through security and signed in at the front desk. The large waiting room had about 20 other people waiting. I was called about 12 minutes after my appointment time of 1:30. One middle-aged lady that came out of the process seems to have failed her civics exam, based on the conversation the IO had with her and her son. My advice to non-native English speakers who are having trouble understanding the civics questions - don't go through it alone, have someone study with you and explain them to you in your language.

I provided my GC, passports and driver's license. I had a bunch of other docs from "the checklist" on this forum but none were requested.
The IO was having problems with his computer system, he had to call tech support and said something like "CLAIMS keeps kicking me out of adjudication." Lots of mouse-clicking and repeated scanning of my NBC barcode. While he was on hold with tech support he asked me some of the application questions. He asked if I had ever been arrested and I said "No", then he followed up with if I'd ever been detained or ticketed by law enforcement. I said "Yes, a few speeding tickets." He asked if that was all, I said "Yes" and he moved on. I did not disclose any tickets on my N400 and did not have any proof that those tickets had been paid, but he didn't ask for any proof. The whole experience felt pretty informal.

The 6 civics questions were:
How often do we vote for President?
Who is the Speaker of the House now?
Who lived in the US before Europeans?
When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?
Name one of the two longest rivers?
What are the first 10 amendments called?

Reading/writing was "Who was Abraham Lincoln" "Abraham Lincoln was President during the Civil War"

He said I was approved, I got the white N-652 and will receive the Oath Letter probably by the end of this week!
I was out of there 40 minutes after my appointed time.

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Citizenship and Naturalization: