Guestbook Entry for Poonam Vaiude, United States

Poonam Vaiude
United States

I highly recommend Rajiv's law offices for any immigration issues. Rajiv personally looked into my case and handled it meticuliously. I really admire his attention to detail, in depth research, knowledge and prompt responses provided from time to time. My case was one of the few cases where STEM OPT was denied. From the beginning, both Rajiv Sir and Kalpana were very confident that my motion/appeal would be approved. They not only helped me with the case, but also with my appeal to expedite the case. I contacted his office numerous times over a period of 4 months and each time they patiently and promptly responded back. They are very well organized and must say best at thier work. My motion was finally approved and credit goes to Rajiv and Kalpana. I am glad I chose Law offices of Rajiv Khanna.

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