Recording for August 10, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

FAQs: Job loss situation - Alternatives and return options for H-1B visa holders with approved I-140 || Remote work for a U.S. startup: Starting off on managerial duties from India before L-1 visa filing

Other: Evidence of parental names in I-130 petition: Implications of incomplete information on birth certificates || Transferring Priority Date and experience concerns: Switching employers for I-140 filing || Transitioning from STEM Masters to MBA with CPT: Impact on H-1B and USCIS considerations || Re-entry permit considerations: Balancing travel needs and green card status || EB- 2 India AOS/I-485 queries: I-140 approval notice, Change to consular processing, and protecting green card process || Exploring job change options for EB-2 I-485 holder: Priority Date retention, Working on EAD, and Future EAD considerations || Including previous experience in new PERM application after changing employers: Implications and material misrepresentation concerns || Clarifying intermittent H-1B rule: Duration of stay outside the U.S and returning within 90 days || H1-B filing eligibility without formal degree certificate: Opting for full-time position before graduation || DS-160 application for parental B-1/B-2 visa: Address considerations for attending degree convocation || Changing status from L-2 to B-2 again: Legal stay and status considerations


Immigration Law

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