Feb 4, 2021 Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Thursday)

Substantial transcription for video

FAQs: Filing Supplement J, staying without work on EAD, H-1B denial effect on I-485 Age Out/CSPA for children immigrating to the US

OTHERS: Completed I-765 form with a mistake, will the application get rejected || I-140 is withdrawn before 180 days of pending I-485 and EAD application || WD 7A1 stamp and future vacation travel to US || B-2 visa duration and extension || Getting a US Passport under Section 320 for a Minor || Wait for H-4 EAD or convert visa from H-4 to F-1 (finishing graduate degree online) by traveling to India for visa stamping || On F-1 visa stamped for 5 years for 1-year graduate course and unclear when required to leave || Applying for a re-entry permit after receiving green card || USCIS Receipt Notice Delays for I-140/EB-1C || H-1, H-4, EAD expiring: H-1 extension already filed || B-2 extension and RFE responses for parents during covid || Applying for H-4 after marriage with an approved I-140 || Moving to H-1B from Adjustment of Status if currently working on EAD || L-1A Stamping in Canada instead of India - Advantage || Maintaining H-1B status while waiting for green card || AOS filing and processing questions with H-1 and H-4 parents and child on F-1 now over 21 || Downgrading and processing time issues.


Immigration Law

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